Sandy Eggo

Just being a bit ignorant, I know it’s San Diego.


Did you know that San Diego means “a whale’s vagina”?

No really! Ron Burgundy said it! It has to be true! Hmmmmm, what’s the word?

Facetious 😀

But yes, I am in sunny San Diego once again! I haven’t been back to San Diego for about 6 years.

Oddly enough, I lived in the area till I was about 7, and then it was up to The Bay Area.

I remember going to my grandma’s house out in Santee for holidays, and just about any reason at all. I’ve got a big family, there’s something like 15 of us cousins, and like most families in the SD area, we were a military family!

Yep, most of my uncles were in the Navy, so sometimes my cousins would get carted off to Virginia for a bit, then come back, and then off to Germany for a bit, and then back 😀 It was always a lot of fun going to the bases. My dad wasn’t in the military when I was a kid, by that time he had gotten out. But my grandpa, he was a bad ass 😀 Golden Shellback.

So, a Shellback is someone who has gone through the “Line Crossing Ceremony“, and since my grandpa is a Golden Shellback it means he has crossed the Equator at the 180th meridian, or The International Date Line for most of us who aren’t semen, ahem, sea men.

lol Seamen making semen 😀 Sorry, that wasn’t my joke.

So, yes, in San Diego! I’m visiting some family and friends I haven’t seen in awhile, but needed to! Have had the opportunity to see my brother a few times, and hopefully I’ll be able to run into my sisters, but they’ve got pretty busy schedules. One is a manager at Tiffany’s and the other manages 5 boys. Not sure which one has the harder job. But I’m leaning towards managing 5 boys lol

Hopefully run into them? Yeah, this trip was VERY last minute. Booked my flights on last Thursday at like 10:30 PM lol

All in all I’m having a blast! Probably will be headed to Balboa Park tonight to run around and check things out. I haven’t been to the zoo in soooooo long, and San Diego Zoo is the only zoo on the west coast I’m ever interested in going to. Sooooo many good child hood memories in that park and that zoo 😀

It has been too long SD! I’m glad I had the chance to come out and experience it once again!

But! I get back to the Bay Area on Saturday, do laundry Sunday and crash early. Especially since I leave Monday for Austin, Texas!!!! 😀

Until next time guys!

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