Vancouver Pride!!!

So, once again, Canada…… 😀 Oh Shit! I can’t wait! This time Marcus Mojo and I will be attending Vancouver Pride!!!

I’m excited because I get to leave the country again, and I get to attend another Pride event! My first time ever leaving the country was when we attended the Toronto Pride, which was pretty damn amazing! The people, the energy, the atmosphere, all making for a great experience.

I can only imagine what Vancouver holds for us!

We won’t be doing any big performances or productions like Toronto Pride, but Marcus Mojo and I will be there with HardTv. They are a Canadian Tv  station that is the FIRST 24/7 LGBT channel! I think that’s pretty damn awesome, don’t see The States getting anything like that for another……. hmmmmm, 20 years at the rate we’re going…….. optimistically speaking of course.

Sarcasm, one of my finest traits…… and arrogance too apparently ;D You know, full of myself…..

Well, not that kind of full of myself……

Or, that way there. That looks really difficult……. flexible wrists he has….. I wouldn’t be able to get the angle right.

But then again I really don’t have any interest in working my own fist up my ass. But if you enjoy it, keep doing it! Well, unless there are some adverse side effects you don’t like,  then you should probably stop. But if there aren’t!!!!!

Have fun ;D

Anyways, back to Vancouver Pride! and the rest of my schedule for August!

August is gonna kick the shit out of me…….

So, Vancouver  July 30 – August 1, going to have an amazing time and I can’t wait to meet everyone!!!

Then, the next day I get back, I’m off to Sandy Eggo. Uhhhhh, San Diego. Haven’t been to visit my brother down there since he moved about 2 or 3 yrs. ago, so it’s about time I returned the favor 😀

Get back the 6th, do some laundry, and then leave the 8th for the FleshJack moldings!!!!! I’m not sure if they’re going to let me flipcam some of the process for you guys to get a sneak peek, but I’ll see what I can do!

Get back on the 11th to leave the 12th for Chicago for Market Days!

Get back the 15th, to hopefully get my wisdom teeth pulled.

Then a shoot starts, and school starts in the middle of it 😀

Yeah, August hates my guts….. September, I think it likes me a bit more though.

I have Identity Festival and Bassnectar concerts to attend, so I’ll be happy 😀

Gonna run around one of them in a green man suit!

That’s not me. I don’t roller blade……. and hopefully I’ll fill it out better than that.

More like this instead ;D

Oh, so sexy Mr. Green Man ;D

I do have to say, that right there. Talent, pure talent. Very impressed. I’d imagine he’d be too hard to pull that off 😀 or not hard enough 🙁 either way, I’m impressed they pulled that off. I’m just wondering who took the picture…… or how many tries that took with the auto-shutter lol

Anyways, I look forward to seeing you all at Vancouver Pride, and I can’t wait for it either!!!

Until next time!


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