Hear that ringtone?

Yep, there’s a ringtone of me, cumming, and telling someone to eat my load 😀 Pretty damn awesome if you ask me!

You can check it out here!

lol it’s DEFINITELY something different ;D

Soooooo, about to leave for SF pride in a bit. Can’t wait!!!! Bringing my camera, looking forward to it soooo much! Sitting here listening to some The Glitch Mob. Now, I’ve never experienced the actual Pride festivities, I’ve only ever been to parties after big SF events. So I’m really looking forward to my first experience with the event! 😀

I had a BLAST at Folsom, I’m hoping I can catch as many fun and crazy things as I did then! I was thinking about riding my motorcycle originally, then I realized that people will be drinking, and probably driving too…… So, I figured I should take a mode of transportation with some better protection. Now I’m looking at parking a full size car in San Francisco……. Almost as bad as a four door long bed, which is literally impossible to take anywhere in the city unless it’s lowered, but even then you probably won’t be able to make the turns in parking garages lol

Sorry, rambling….. anyways, so now that I’m driving, I have people coming out with me lol Was supposed to leave with Marcus Mojo and crew, but they wanted to leave at 9am…… uhhhhhh, it’s Saturday.

Now I’m trying to figure out what I’m doing tonight!!!!! Originally, I was supposed to hang out with Mr. Mojo tonight, but he has a party that he wants to go to. I have mine……

Rites of Massive

Yeah lol Shit’s gonna get crazy! 6 stages!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! I think my brain is hemorrhaging from the bass already 😀
Yeah, not sure why I did the smiley face, I’ll be deaf by 25……. only two more years of sweet music. I’m kidding, it’s 27.

Well, I hope you all enjoy yourself at SF Pride, if you’re going. If you’re not, I hope you enjoy yourself at your local Pride celebration! and remember!

BE SAFE!!! That means condoms and designated drivers!!!!!!!

Keep an open heart and an open mind ;D


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