Naked People!

Meh, wasn’t too sure what to call this one…… but since I’m talking about naked people, might as well keep it simple 😀

So, naked people, that would be myself and my scene partner from my new scene “The Soothing Touch”, Christopher Daniels!

I had a BLAST doing this shoot with Christopher! Not only did I get to lay around and get massaged for a bit, I literally almost fell asleep when we were doing the beginning of the scene 😀

But have any of you guys ever seen this guys ass before?! I hadn’t till I shot with him, and HOLY SHIT! One of the most muscular asses I’ve ever seen! But it looks great too!

See! You can’t look at that ass and tell me that’s not a damn tight ass! Rawr!

Oh, I think my butt made it in there somewhere too ;D

I love that statue that’s in the background! Sorry, ADD 😀 or, ADOS(Attention Deficit Oh! Shiny!).

Not sure if anyone noticed, but I made an effort to get feet into this one as much as possible. I keep looking for a scene partner that’s in to feet, so that I can do more of a foot fetish scene for some of you guys ;D

But the only problem is, I’m having a hard time finding guys at the shoots who are in to feet 🙁

Plus side, it’s a massage scene so there is some foot massaging in it ;D Notice my dick on his foot? Consciously done for you guys! It’s the little things, right? Hopefully soon we can get fun and crazy with it 😀

See! Now, for any of you who find my tattoo in the photo distracting….. I apologize! I tried to get them to do it with the other foot…… but I got shutdown. They wanted the tattoo in there……. For foot verification purposes….. I’m so full of shit. Not for foot verification purposes, I think because some people might dig that random tattoo lol I dunno, I like it, but it is random and can be an eye sore….. like in this photo.


Penis! Just imagine, that right there is just a chubby ;D

I can’t remember if we were talking, or if I was just giving him some sort of goofy smirk lol I make some random funny faces in my shoots…. in case you haven’t noticed ;D

So, the scene with Christopher….. had a blast! Enjoyed the massage, the sucking, the 69ing, the fucking, and of course ;D THE KISSING!

I just realized something the other day…… I went on a rant about my family finding out and I haven’t updated you guys on the situation. Here it goes 😀

So, turns out the lady and her husband were no longer members of the sites….. well, as far as the lady knows ;D and how she found out was actually through the efforts of NextDoors newsletters! Ow! Well shit, can’t really be mad about how she found out…… but I am still a little upset that she went and blabbed about it.

I know, I can’t run from the fact that I do porn, and I can’t hide from it. I’m not trying to, I just want to protect my family. Initially, I had no intention of ever telling my family. I never thought they would find out…… then things blew up! I had a site! Well shit, gotta tell them sometime. I was afraid of telling them, I had no idea how they would react. Mormon dad, Catholic mother. Yeah, just a little apprehensive about it.

My parents were kind of enough to have the whole “We’d still love you if you were gay” talk with me when they first found out I was working for a gay porn company. I had told them that I was behind the camera, and not in front of it. So, i knew how my parents felt about whether I was gay or not. I didn’t have the luxury of having a discussion with them on how they felt about the performers in porn, much less gay porn. I’m not saying that being in gay porn is worse than straight porn, but I know plenty of people who do. Once again, before someone tries to turn this around on me ;D That IS NOT how I view gay porn and straight porn!

Anyways, back to the topic at hand. I was scared shitless of telling my parents. I wanted to tell them on my terms, and when I felt them and myself were ready for it. Guess I got greedy with time, and Karma gave me a nice bitch slap.

The good thing is, my relationship with my parents is getting better and better, day by day.

I think part of the fear comes from the fact that there’s no one right way to go about telling your family that you’re gay, or that you do porn, or you’re pregnant, or any other crazy shit like that. Not every individual is going to react to or feel the same exact way about something as another person will. There’s an uncertainty as to how the people you look up to and never want to disappoint will feel about what you’ve done.

I’m not mad at you, I’m disappointed. It’s true, nothing hurts worse than disappointing your parents. I’m not ashamed of what I do, I love it. I have no regrets for doing porn, I love it. It’s not what you do that makes you who you are, it’s how you feel about what you do. I think that’s what I was having the hardest time telling my parents about, was how much I enjoyed doing what I did. To have that talk with them and tell them that I’m not doing porn because I need money, or because I can’t hold down a regular job, or I have a criminal record. I’m doing porn for the plain and simple fact that I love to have sex, I enjoy the people, I enjoy the atmosphere, and I enjoy my fans! I’m public with how I feel about what many will deny in public, yet consume in great amounts in private.

Damn, over a thousand words already. Lets end this nice little blog post here ;D

I hope you guys enjoy these little adventure along the path of my thoughts. I look forward to your comments, I like to keep an open mind and am always willing to learn from others experiences. I like to think that putting all this down in a blog helps other people in formulating how they feel about talking to their family, and I hope that my experience with it can be inspirational to others.

I thought the world was going to blow up when I told my parents, of course I also thought that’s what was going to happen the first time I sucked a dick, and both times I was wrong. Strangely enough, both times the experience went better than I had imagined.

But please, learn from my mistake. It’ll never be a secret forever. The longer you hold onto it, the less you own it. and another little cliche saying before we part…… Anything worth doing, is never easy.

To all of you thinking about telling your family, I wish you good luck!

To all of you who have told your family, please leave some comments as to how it went initially and how your relationship is now. I think it’ll give some hope and confidence to see others successful experiences.

Keep an open mind, and an open heart!


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9 Responses to Naked People!

  1. Scott says:

    Hi Sam, hope you are having a great Memorial Day. Love the scene last week. Can not wait for live show tomorrow. Thanks for all you do for us fans. Body is looking great keep hitting the gym hard for us fans. I am glad things are okay with you and your parents. Most parents do not like hearing their son is bi,gay, or doing porn ( I do not do porn but I can guess), but in the long run of things, they still love us and will support us. I know it was hard for me telling mine, being from a very religious family, like you are. They were shocked and were little distance at first. We basically had the same little talk, about them loving me and caring for me no matter what sex orientation I was. But it did took some time at first and now we are closer now then we have ever been. Me and friend even went on vacation to Florida with them last summer and had a great time with them. They now accept it and are fine with it. Give them time. Hope you have a great week.

  2. samuel says:

    hey, sammy, i have the same first name, so anyway, you are way hot. did school life ever bother you, and were you this good-looking when you were young?

  3. Paul says:

    Hi Sam,

    Pleased that it went better than you thought when you told the family. Mine found out I was gay when an online ‘friend’ decided in his wisdom to send me a couple of pornos. I was out so the postman, who knew my parents, left the parcel there for me. I wasn’t expecting porn so opened it and I was a little surprised to see a twink with a hard on smiling at me. The look of shock was on my face so my mam asked what was up…..I just figured what the hell and I told her what it was. She doesn’t know much about the net, only what’s on the news and 9 times out of 10 they are talking about kiddie porn so that’s what she thought it was. I was a little taken aback that she’d think I was into that and I just thought fuck I’d rather she knew I was into adult men rather than that crap. When I said it’s not that she asked if there was something I wanted to tell her so I just sat down and said it….’I’m gay’ there was silence and she just said I don’t care I still love you. But later her and my dad had a go and I got the usual questions. Are you sure? What did we do wrong? Then the ‘we feel like we’ve been kicked in the guts’ thing. Then have you done anything about it and when I said no they said we want it to stay that way…..oops! Anyway they sort of come to terms with it although it’s never mentioned. There’s my story, long and boring I know, lol.

  4. mike says:

    i told my parents i was bisexual about a year and a half ago and after the words come out of my mouth my mom looked at me and asked “whats a bisexual?” i laughed and told her that i was interested in both men and women and she replies with, “OH, ME TOO!”

  5. MassiveRKOFan says:


    I am so proud of you for telling your parents and doing it in a cool setting and that the relationship is getting better and better. For me, I told my mom when I was young and I grew up in a very strict Christian household. I knew I couldn’t really hide it and after I had beaten myself up and almost committed suicide over figuring out that I was Gay, I knew that telling my mom would be okay at least for me, When I did tell her, she was upset and blamed herself and God originally.. After a while she actually took college courses on Gay Youth and Coming Out and gradually began to learn about what I was going through and dealing with and that it wasn’t anything that she did to cause things. After that our relationship has blossomed and she literally is my best friend and I can confide anything to her no matter what the topic. My dad, on the other hand, is not as understanding and is a very strict Muslim so trying to tell him will be more difficult. I assume he knows already but I haven’t actually told him yet.

  6. I am from a Catholic family and worst of all society may accept people like us but behind our backs they still talk negatively. Guess we just have to be happy with whatever we do and whatever we choose. Life just has to move on. Our parents will always love us unconditionally.

  7. firecube says:

    Came out to my family a few weeks ago when they were in NY for my graduation. Went much better than expected (told my sister first then my parents). There were a couple of questions a few days later, but nothing I couldn’t handle. Have lived away from my parents since 18, and we had been growing somewhat distant, and so in a strange way think this has actually brought us closer together as I no longer feel like I have to hide part of me to them. In any case, a huge weight lifted off my shoulders!

  8. Kyle says:

    I am so impressed with how insightful you are. I have followed many pornstars and none have displayed such depth and intelligence. Obviously my past opinions of pornstars being all looks and no brains is incorrect. At least when it comes to you. You are luckier than your fellow actors, when you get older you will have something to keep you fresh and new, your mind. Which I would love to do a case study on some day when I become a psychiatrist. Keep up your inspiring blog.

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