To see it or Not to see it.

Yep, been wasting time away watching a bunch of movies lately 😀

Pirates of the Carribean: On Stranger Tides


Priest 3D

and Thor 3D.

Shit, that’s around $80 in movie tickets. No wonder gas seems so expensive to me right now…… that and I drive a V8 that gets almost 19mpg……. on a very good day/tank, otherwise it’s 16mpg.

Anyways, I’m rambling again.

So, the movies. I think I’ll keep it pretty simple this time since it’s going to be a pain in the ass and you guys probably won’t make it till the end if I go in depth with my opinions on these movies…… so I’ll keep it as simple as see in theaters or rent it. 😀

First, Captain Jack Sparrow formerly known as Johnny Depp has returned with what seems like only two characters from the original movies….. Captain Barbosa, and his faithful side kick, Gibbs.

Acting in the movie….. well, not as bad as the last one….. story line…… better than the last one….. worth seeing in theaters? If you’re a Pirates nut, yeah go see it, it’s totally worth it. If you weren’t very impressed with the previous Pirates movies….. or any of them for that matter lol then you’ll want to wait to get this one OnDemand. So yeah, it was a fun, light hearted movie, with a bit better story line than the previous Pirates movies….. which unfortunately isn’t saying much. 🙁 Don’t get me wrong, I do like the movies….. but I’m just keeping this bluntly honest.

Bridesmaids! GO SEE IT!!!! Holy Shit! Yes, it is a “chick flick” but it’s fucking hilarious. Think of it as a female version of The Hangover. One of my favorite parts, the “party call” scene where everyone is saying where they want to go for the Bachelorette party and one of the ladies keeps saying she wants Vegas for the random fucks and male strippers. One of her lines…. “I want balls in my face!” Love it!

I think that’s something a lot of chick flick movies lack, the humor that a lot of women possess. They tend to keep it light hearted and airy, which is nice if you don’t use your vagina and sit at home cat lady. So it’s nice to see them do some slapstick humor (Tennis tit shot), crude humor (balls in my face), among other scenarios ;D

So yes, go see it 😀

Priest! Well, not your typical Vampire movie. The vampires in this movie are kinda mutantish. So not a word. Yeah, they look more like aliens than vampires, but whatever. This movie kind of confused me, got a Judge Dredd/Matrix/Western/Anime feel to it. I know, a lot of random shit. The clothes and styling of the characters reminded me of Anime films, or Westerns. Some of the fighting, reminded me of the Matrix. The general setting of a gated city, frowned upon to leave the city, reminds me of Judge Dredd. I dunno, maybe I’m completely off base with those comparisons.

So, if any of that interests you, see it in theaters. If not, wait for it and then decide then.

Thor! Now, I’m a giant comic book geek. I love The Avengers, so I’m very excited to see the characters movies being made. Ironman, Thor, Captain America, it’s gonna be crazy if/when they come out with The Avengers movie.

So, I’ve been really pleased with all of the movies so far….. so far. I was hoping that the acting, action, and story line strength would be equal to that of Ironman…… but I didn’t get that lucky. Respect to them for holding so true to the feel of the comic book, but to me it feels like it brings down the quality of the film.

In the comic books people react to the way that Thor speaks just as most of us would do….. Give him a good ol’ WTF. Because he’s speaking with some funny accent when everyone else is acting “normal” around him. So it just throws off the vibe a bit. You don’t notice it in the comic book, mainly because it’s really only brought up once in the comic books lol

So yeah, the translation from comic book to movie was a little too direct. I think it downplayed the quality that the movie could’ve been at. Plus, I wanted to see more of him whooping some ass. So, high hopes for Captain America 😀

Comic book geek? Go see it in theatres, you’ll totally enjoy it! I did 😀

Not much of a Marvel Studios fan? Then I’d say wait till it comes out OnDemand 😀

Well, I think this is the shortest blog post I’ve done with the most amount of topics…. please don’t prove that wrong.

Until next time!

Keep an open heart, and open mind.


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