This isn’t going to be anything too crazy, just a quick blurb about one of my favorite ways to pass time. YouTube videos. You can see just about anything and everything you wanted to, including some things you didn’t.

There’s really two ways to go about wasting time on YouTube.

First, you can search for something you want to see. Like maybe me for example…..

You get this!

Videos of my interviews and my “Ask Samuel O’Toole” series, which you can also ask me questions on here by submitting a comment!

Or, one of my favorite ways, is to view the most popular videos for the day, week, month, and all time. Most of the daily ones are kind of weird and random, and tend to not really be that great. It’s the week and month long ones that are the best. Those are the videos that have been slightly established…… because they’re good. Or just really shitty and it somehow keeps sucking people into it’s horrible downward spiral of “rick rolling”. Ummmmm, rick rolling, remember this guy? 😀

Soooo, rick rolling, a prank that blew up a little while ago where you would post Rick Astley’s “Never gonna give you up” song(another awesome stalker song ex. The Police)

with a catchy title and change the preview photo to something that looks similar to the title, and BAM! You just got rick rolled.

Anyways, I decided to share some of my favorite posters, and some of the all time most viewed videos.

First FPSRussia….. Ummmmm, not too sure who this guy is, but he has a Russian accent and he shoots A LOT of guns and fun ammo, and blows shit up. This guy would be a blast to go camping with lol

Yeah, check out his other videos. This guy takes his constitutional right to bear arms, and his states extremely lenient gun control laws, to the MAX!

One of my favorite posters, The Fail Blog…….. well, for obvious reasons. Should be self explanatory, but the fail blog is a blog similar to mine……. way better than mine, that posts videos and photos of people…. well, failing at various things.

Maybe you should have changed  your mind when you almost fell off the first one……. Naw, you’ll totally make it 😀

Well, at least he’s having fun. Soldier videos are funny to watch because the rest of their life is so strict, that it’s fun to see them enjoy themselves even just a little bit. 😀

PING PONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol strangely enough, I love ping pong. I don’t have a table, and don’t get to play as often as I would like, but it’s still a blast to play……. I know, I’m very much slightly geeky….

and one of my favorite videos 😀 Guy or girl?

All right guys! Enjoy your week! I’m enjoying mine, had an awesome beginning of the shoot, lets see how it finishes ;D


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