FleshJack Cam Show!!!

Hey Everybody! Sooooooo, if you haven’t heard yet FleshJack is in a search for their next FleshJack Boy(s)! Now, of course I would love to say vote for my buddies, I would love to see one of them win. But it’s a fans vote for their favorite NextDoor Models, so I’m basically competing with my friends!

So, this means war…… I’m kidding, lets hope it doesn’t get that crazy! lol

What we’re in the running for. A fleshjack made of our mouth….. our ass……. and of course ;D our COCK! Not sure if you’ve seen this pic…..


but once I saw this pic after I took it, I knew I wanted a dildo made of my dick. That’s right, a dildo that’s bigger than a medium cup of coffee 😀 A couple things I wanted to achieve in my porn career. 1) Immortalize penis with dildo. 2) Become at least a little bit successful. 3) Have FUN! I’m like one or two out of three lol

So, help me win this competition!

Vote for me HERE!

I’ll be using a fleshjack for the FIRST time in a cam show tomorrow! Tuesday 5pm PST You can check it out on my site www.samuelotoole.com it’ll also tell you how long you have to wait till my next cam show ;D

I’ll be using the IceJack that Phoenix Monroe sent me as a gift! I can’t wait to use it! If you don’t know what an IceJack is……

My buddy Tommy D having some fun with an IceJack! Doesn’t it look like fun?! I think they’re totally fucking hot since you can see the dick in there while you or someone else is fucking it! Plus check out the crazy insides!


Well, I have to say I’m very excited to try that out! I wonder how long I’ll last! The very first time I tried a FleshJack it was completely smooth on the inside and I nutted SUPER quick! I’ll try and last as long as I can with this one! lol Maybe I’ll just cum super quick the first time and work nice and slow for a second ;D

So! What Phoenix got me was the butt, I think it’s called a Jack Ass lol

Errrrr, I think it might be called a flesh bottom. So get this, first thing I did when I pulled it out was stick my finger in it. Ever put your finger in someones but and then hooked the tip of your finger a bit? You can feel the rim of their ass and it has a kind of “special” feel. I’m not quite sure how to explain what it feels like lol Anyways, so I did that to the IceJack, stuck my finger in it and hooked the rim and it felt almost exactly like a real ass….. just softer, like a gummy bear butt. Yes, I’m talking about fingering a gummy bears butt. I know, a bit strange. lol I just had a visual of someone pounding the singing gummy bear 😀

I WOULD TEAR THAT ASS UP!!!!! I’m kidding……. Wonder if you’d get a sugar high from fucking him?

Anyways, so yeah, FleshJack cam show tomorrow….. FleshJack competition, vote for me here http://www.fleshjack.com/next-door-search/detail/samuel-otoole/

and be sure to check out my ASK SAMUEL O’TOOLE!


You can @ tweet me questions, or ask them in the comments on my YouTube profile!

Until next time!


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