Rise and Shine!!!

I’m a professional fake sleeper, in case you guys can’t tell ;D I practice all the time, and I try to incorporate it into my scenes…….. I’m kidding, pretty sure it’s only in two now lol

I’ve been waiting for this scene to come out for awhile! I posted the flip cam video of us playing around in the scene a couple months ago, so I’m glad to see this one finally made it out 😀

Vance Crawford, awesome cock sucker! We had a blast sucking each other, which is probably why there’s so much of it lol Did some 69’ing, which everyone knows is one of my favorites ;D , so I got to enjoy a nice hard cock in my mouth while I got my cock sucked. Always a plus 😀

He almost makes my dick look small…….. almost ;D But yeah, had a blast working with Vance in this scene. This was actually our first scenes of the shoot, and he hadn’t bottomed in a bit. So we tried to fuck, we really did. He’d get the tip in and then just couldn’t relax enough to let the rest in. Sometimes, having a fat dick is a bad thing. Sometimes, it’s the best thing ever lol But when you can’t have sex because of it, definitely a depressing moment. My penis shed a metaphorical tear that day. He cried so hard he threw up all over my stomach. It got everywhere! It was all white and sticky, little bastard didn’t even clean it up 🙁 He left the mess for Vance and I ;D

I talk about my penis like he has a mind of his own, because he practically does. I love my penis. I’ve actually had someone ask me “You really love your penis, don’t you.” Uhhhhhh, well hello. Of course I love my penis, don’t you love yours? He’s my homey, he’s always around, we have the same taste in men and women, he’s a big mofo, so I know he has my back, he has these two buddies that always hang around that are TOTALLY fucking NUTS! Only problem is when we party and he gets too excited he throws up a lot. I dunno, it’s his thing.

I’m not sure if that’s a look of pain or pleasure……… hmmmmm, maybe both ;D

Tight balls! Damn, those guys are sucked up! I’m surprised they’re not pushed up into those little pockets up there. I don’t know about you guys, but that shit HURTS when it happens to me 🙁 Apparently it’s considered a good thing to happen, according to the videographers, because it gets the nuts out of the way of the action lol

You guys gotta check this photo out 😀 Sooooo, pretty sure this was right around the corner from Valentines Day, or, I think the day we shot this was my 1 year anniversary in porn. Feb. 16th. But yeah, we did all kinds of fun pics together, but the only one I saw was this one.

Still have a few of those “PornStar” stickers 😀 Strangely enough, I haven’t put them on anything yet….. yet.

Well, that’s all I’ve got for you guys until probably tomorrow or early next week.

Happy Mothers Day tomorrow to all the mothers out there!

Hope you all enjoyed this scene and me blabbing on and rambling ;D

Until next time!


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4 Responses to Rise and Shine!!!

  1. Steven says:

    Howdy Sam! Yeah, sorry it didn’t work out with Vance. But I have yet to see a vid with Vance where he didn’t seem to be in torment the entire time he bottomed. Not to be negative, but bottoming is not his strong suit, which is why I’m surprised he’s always doing it. He’s prob the worst bottom ever. But I think he’s very cute.

  2. ut_6pack says:

    yea man ive tried to bottom before and it never works out. Lol craziness. It just hurts toooooooo much. Oh well, good thing my dick is pretty big, dare i say, bigger than yours. haha

  3. Scott says:

    Hi Samuel, sorry Vance could not take that awesome dick of yours. But, you are very large. The scene was still hot with you two sixty-nine. You really do enjoy sucking some dick. Hope you have a great week.

  4. Cassie says:

    What a neat aritlce. I had no inkling.

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