Is it over?

Hey everybody!

Wow…… Sooooooo, it feels like I fell off the face of the earth lol I’ve been so focused with work outside of work, that I almost forgot about work! Ever have one of those moments? It feels like I’ve been gone from my house for months. My room is a mess, I have dirty laundry every where, clean laundry everywhere, my suitcase is still full and on my floor.

I seriously just need to take a day off and clean! But it seems like the moment I wake up I’m out of the house until I get back late, and by then I’m just ready to pass out! I don’t want to sit up another two hours waiting for a load of laundry.

I’d like to be able to say that I’m one of those awesome people that is totally on top of their laundry, you know, that person who can start a load at night, remember to switch and start loads and fold and put away in the morning, and repeat at night. But….. no.

I’m the one who checks through all their clean laundry first, checks the dirty clothes, then realizes I have a load in the dryer from last week that I never took care of.

I really can not wait till us NextDoor guys get our place. As it is now, I don’t live where I work/play, so it makes things a little difficult. I’ve never really enjoyed having a long, and/or gas guzzling, commute. Which I kind of have right now running around in a cop car 😀

I feel like I’ve taken care of all the big things, but all the little things have just gotten out of hand. I’ve got a serious to do list in front of me right now. Ever have one of those personal epiphanies? One of those “Time to kick some ass and  chew some bubble gum, and I’m all out of bubble gum!” moments? I’m having one of those now. Lets see how it turns out ;D

Sooooooo, new project coming up 😀  Got approached the other day with an idea for a little project for the sites, which I am totally stoked about! Soooo, go to formspring and ask me a question, any question!

Oh, you know what’s pretty awesome about NextDoor……. Tons of shit. I’ve been hearing some rumors going around about my relationship with NextDoor, and false information about the studio as well.

First, let me say this. They have NEVER told me what to write, or how much to write! There is no amount of censorship that goes on by the studio! If anyone censors the bull shit that I put up on this blog, it’s me. Samuel O’Toole.

I started with NextDoor(ND) over a year ago, I have worked for them numerous times before I ever became an exclusive with them, and there’s a reason why. They are the best company in the industry to shoot with.

During production, AMAZING crew! It’s said that ND is homophobic. Uhhhh, people, it’s a gay porn studio, with an ALL GAY production crew. I love my production crew, the best part of shooting isn’t the sex, it’s getting to see a good group of friends again.

On days I don’t shoot, I come into the office where I get to be around the whole behind the scenes crew. None of them are homophobic! They show no contempt towards me for the things that I do and the lifestyle that I choose. Hell, they see more of what I do on film than anyone else. Well, besides the videographer…. ;D

I don’t know, I just don’t understand how that connection could be made when I see the complete opposite from the inside. They’re all very open minded, accepting, understanding, and over all really fucking cool people. Want to know the crazy part? I feel lucky that I have the opportunity to work with these amazing people, who only want me to continue being who I am. I think it’s because they look at this whole blogging and behind the scenes video stuff the same way I do. The best personality to show people, is your own personality. If you have to act everyday in your blog, behind the scenes videos, cam shows, and scenes. It’s going to get old, and it’s going to be obvious. Porn isn’t television wrestling, we don’t need that shit.

But anyways, back to the rumors. I was offered contract opportunities by two studios before NextDoor ever offered me a contract, and but I never really pursued them. The main reason being, they weren’t the studio I wanted to work for.

The reality is, I CHOSE NextDoor. They’re not keeping me chained up in some basement, only letting me out for cam shows and scenes and having someone else write my blog and do my twitter. I like to think that I’m an intelligent person, I do  have my moments, and that I see NextDoor for what it really is and not what the rumors are attempting to lead people to believe.

Based on my own morals, beliefs, and values(technically aren’t those all pretty much the same thing?) I would NOT be working for NextDoor if the rumors were true. Here I am working for them, believe the rumors or believe me.

Don’t you just love the freedom to choose ;D

Love you guys!


Better one next time, I promise!

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