And They’re Off!

First leg of this journey is over!

I just got back last night from making an appearance in Orlando at The Parliament House’s event “Erotica”. Which was a blast! I had quite the experience there!

First, the event, and then the people.

The event Erotica, and The Parliament House. The event was awesome! Soooo many people! This was the first time I had been somewhere and people actually recognized me, I just think it’s kind of funny how people are intimidated by me. Please, come up to me and say hello. I don’t mind ;D

I don’t mind fans coming up to me, it’s the photos all over the place of me that throws me for a loop lol I’m not sure if I’ll ever get used to that part of it. I got into the hotel at 10 am after a nice red eye flight, went to the Rainbow Cafe, sat down to eat and realized a photo of Rod, Marcus, and myself was staring right back at me…. and everyone else in the cafe eating. I then look up and realize that everyone in the cafe is sneaking looks at me…… very self concious at this point. *Pulls hat down lower*

I’m not sure if it comes across in my videos or my blog posts, but I’m a very shy person and I like to be inconspicuous….. NINJA SAMMY!!!!

The night of the event was crazy! So many people! Got to meet a lot of really cool fans! I personally definitely appreciated the love! To hear the words directly from someone’s mouth that I’m doing a good job and they like my porn, really makes me feel good about what I’m doing. I always stress that there’s something more and better I can be doing for my fans.

There was probably at least 1,000 people at one time, probably more than that through out the night! Now, I didn’t get to mingle during the event, I was only able to come out of hiding for the teasers that Rod and I did together, Marcus got hurt before it so he wasn’t able to go 🙁  When we were able to run around and say hi to everyone, people were hammered! Hence the tweets, people get grabby when they’re drunk.

I don’t mind the butt grabs, and the petting, that stuff is cool. But when you come up behind me and put the death grip on my wrist from behind and try and pull me off somewhere…. you better be careful. That kind of shit is creepy. Like rapist status shit. Use your words now. Sorry, really frustrates me when people do that. I am a human being who likes social pleasantries like “hello! my name is…..” The caveman approach of dragging me off will only reward you with a right cross. Not cool.

Now, the people. Beautiful! So many beautiful people in Orlando! A plethora of ethnicities. Where I live it’s predominantly a white community, with a sprinkling of other ethnicities. It was nice, and greatly appreciated to be able to have the exposure. I think that’s what I like the most about traveling to other parts of the country. You’re not in Kansas anymore Sammy ;D

Everyone who works at the Parliament House was exceptionally nice to me, and was always willing to lend a helping hand. Very great group of people, if you’re in the Orlando area then you need to check out one of their parties! There’s like 5 different bars, and if you stay there, if, then you literally just have to walk across the courtyard from the bar to your room. Awesome in my opinion!

I got to meet a really cool guy, who was going through a rough time. For privacy reasons I’m not going to put his name down. I met this guy Saturday, and Sunday night when I was just hanging out as a patron, I ran into him again and said hello. Which he greatly appreciated. Apparently other “models”/porn stars aren’t that nice when they come by. They have the “holier than thou cause I fuck on film” attitude. That’s not my style, I’m just some random guy who got lucky enough to have the OPPORTUNITY to fuck on film. Some people tend to think it’s their right…. but whatever.

So yeah, he was super stoked about it. So we chilled had a couple of beers and shot the metaphorical shit. Turns out he has been going through some tough times. He had been diagnosed HIV positive a few years ago, and was given 3 months to live…. 4 months ago.

I was honored to have had the opportunity to talk with him about this. Until you’re positive, you literally have no idea the pain these individuals deal with everyday. I’m not talking about physical, I’m talking about emotional. He compared it to being a leper. It really opens your eyes when you have an intense conversation like that. It’s still fresh in my mind, and I haven’t quite sorted out how I want to talk about this, so I don’t think I’ll say much about it now. But expect something on the topic in the future.

Once someone is positive, they’re not a lost cause. They still need your friendship, help, and love.

On a happier note, I got to meet some amazing men from the Big Brothas Network(BBN).

Their mission statement from their site:

“The Big Brothas Network was created to celebrate the larger men of color and those who admire them. We intend to promote a positive self-image within our own community and the mainstream population.

Our goal is to embrace our differences, to inspire self-love, and increase camaraderie through positive, brotherly interactions. We intend to accomplish these goals through the BBN magazine, local and national events and networking forums.”

This is what I’m talking about! I thought this was awesome! I had the chance to check out their site, and I whole heartedly support them. I think you’re full of shit if you were to say that the “gay community” accepts everyone. Just because you’re gay, straight, bi, what the fuck ever, and open minded and accepting of everyone doesn’t mean the “community” accepts everyone. These men founded a haven for themselves.

Their on line magazine covers topics ranging from moral support on topics such as being gay, being black and gay, and being unhealthy over weight, to topics about setting goals and achieving them. The BBN truly sticks to their guns “We intend to promote a positive self-image within our own community and the mainstream population.”, and that they have!

These big men have even bigger hearts, and I applaud them for this! Whether you’re white, black, blue, yellow, green, fuscia, gay, straight, what the fuck ever, we can all learn from these men. Personally, I’d like to see more groups like this pop up for the gay community. They send a positive message to not only other men of color and size, but everyone else who is lucky enough to truly listen to their words.

The young gay men and women are having such a difficult time for many reasons, one of them being that they don’t have immediate access to social communities that understand them, and are willing to help them. That’s due in part to what I like to call the “Battle of Acceptance”. Sure, you have a pretty good chance of not getting shot for being gay nowadays, but anything other than straight and the missionary position is still pretty socially unacceptable. It’s not something I agree with, in fact, I hate it. Hate is a strong word, I know, but I’m sick of how slow it takes society to accept things other than the norm. Beg to differ? Well, ever hear about how when it was LEGAL for black men to vote, the KKK/mainstream society would have people at the voting booths detering them from voting through various means? Writing/spelling tests and all that bull shit. If you didn’t, read a book. Remember the civil rights movement? Some of you may be old enough to have actually been part of the de-segregation of schools in America. How well did that go over at that time? Not that great. How long did it become a social norm? Shit, black women weren’t able to legally vote until 1920, probably quite a bit of time before that was a social norm.

I feel like I’m rambling….. but the civil rights era is my favorite in all my history classes. I find it to be an inspiring time, that also kind of depresses me because I think people lack the initiative now to truly stand up for what’s right. They’re a little too concerned with the new iPhone.

I think I came back from Orlando with a better perspecitve on things than before, and I’d like to thank my friend at Parliament House and The Big Brothas Network for that.

Now for the apologies! Ummmm, I don’t mean to offend anyone of a different ethnicity, I’m just not sure what the socially acceptable terms are….. Sooooooo, if you don’t like the term I used, I apologize, and please insert a term you’re comfortable with.

Damn, something like 1500 words in this one. Three times the min. and definitely over what the head honchos want me to be writing lol I was told a little while ago that I write too much 😀 I’m sorry, if opinion were assholes I’d be quite popular in gang bang scenes. If I get a contract renewal I think they’ll have a maximum limit on my blog posts instead of a minimum limit lol

I love you all! and I hope you all strive to make your lives happier and better than the day before!

As always, your friend,


Oh, found this pic when I was searching for the BBN logo….. a little bit of Obama/Govt. humor.


What?! I thought it was funny…..

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