Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!!

First let me say, BE SAFE! In the general sense of the term. Don’t leave your drink untended, have a sober way home, hide your car keys, and DON’T pee on anyone! Well, unless they ask you to….

Couldn’t find a picture of a leprechaun being pissed on, or a leprechaun pissing on someone, but this was close enough!

Strangely enough you find this….

Mmmmmmm, and I just had lunch too. and this little jewel here….

They do some weird shit in straight porn…..       Oh wait.

Sooooo, St. Patrick’s Day. Someone asked me the other day why St. Patrick’s day is celebrated. Well, originally it was supposed to be a celebration for Saint Patrick, and was a religious holiday. St. Patrick apparently wasn’t even Irish, it’s said that he was captured and enslaved in Ireland, he escaped, joined the church, and for some reason went back to Ireland as a part of the church. “Hey! That’s my slave! Why’s he wearing those funny robes?”

You’ll hear a lot that St. Paddy banished the snakes from Ireland! Uhhhhh, right…..  it’s said that the “snakes” may have been a representation of the druid culture in Ireland around that time. Ahhhh, the church’s never ending quest to rule the world 😀

Just kidding! But no really, even the shamrock was used by St. Patrick to teach religion. Four leaf clovers, hard to find, pretty sure it’s some random genetic mutation, so lucky symbol based on the “what are the odds?!” idea.

Common clovers are the good old three leaf clovers, used by St. Patrick to teach about the trinity, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, three parts being in one. Anyways, not here for a Sunday lesson, right? lol

Yeah! Naked leprechauns baby! Wooooooo! That’s what you’re here for! lol Actually, I don’t have any photos of  myself all naked and leprechaun-ed out, I have self respect….

Anyways, what I DO have is a cam show with that man right there. No, there. Yes, him. Marcus Mojo! We’re doing a special show tonight at 5PM PST, hopefully you’re not all too drunk! lol

It’s going to be a lot of fun! I’m looking forward to it!

But! Today is also a special day for one of my fans! Today is also his birthday ;D So a Happy Birthday to one of my regular cam show attendees, Sean!

and just what he asked for!

My feet have more fun than yours ;D

If any of you have a vein fetish ;D and if you’ve ever wanted a closer look at that tattoo. and I’m technically hairy, I guess lol

This next one gives me a dizzy feeling lol

And a shitty shaky, blurry photo for you guys too lol Sorry about that one ;D

Well, I hope you all enjoy the foot photos, they’re my first ones, so I’m not too sure if I quite got what you guys were looking for.

Once again, be safe, have fun, and join Marcus Mojo and I for our camshow tonight!!!


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