The Transporter, I am Number Four, and Old School.

What, the fuck? I know, that’s probably what you’re saying about the title. Well, in the past week I was The Transporter, I saw the new movie I am Number Four, I saw the old-ish movie Old School for the first time. In case you guys haven’t noticed, I love movies πŸ˜€ I have seen TONS of movies, and I remember almost all of them really well. I watch some of the mainstream movies, try to watch as many foreign language films and 50’s and 60’s movies as I can. But I definitely have to say my favorites are some pretty obscure, random movies πŸ˜€

First obscure movie….. Robot Jox πŸ˜€ oh yeah, pretty random movie about “the future” with these guys inside giant robots, and battling to the death. Of course there’s a basic plot thrown in with the good guy and bad guy, blah blah blah. I don’t really like this movie for the story line, I just like because of the GIANT ROBOTS!!!! πŸ˜€ I’m also a big Transformers fan lol just not really a fan of the acting…. everything else in it was awesome though πŸ˜€

But no really, Robot Jox was fun to watch when I was young, but a realistic, funny as hell, review can be found here Β Careful though! It is a play by play spoiler! Don’t expect much from it if you watch it ;D

So, The Transporter! The first three days of this months shoot for NextDoor Studios, I had the opportunity to fill in as The Driver…. I capitalized it to make it sound more cool and professional. Didn’t think it worked lol But yeah, spent all day Thursday driving down to SF and picking up production crew, and models at the airport. It was raining soooo much this weekend, so almost everyone I picked up from the airport had a delayed flight, which resulted in me waiting at SFO a couple of times for 4 hrs. till they got in at 11:30 at night, and then we got to look forwards to an hour or so on the road, and then I got to drive home after dropping them off at the hotel, crashing at about 1:30 am and then waking up at 7 am to be at the hotel for an 8 am pick up. Shit was crazy!

If I wasn’t driving, I was picking someone up from the shoot, hotel, or airport…. and when I was driving, it was anywhere from 15 min.(not bad) to a 2 hour drive in pouring rain with accidents happening left and right. I saw so many wrecked cars the past three days!

I got to fill in for our normal driver because the poor guy got sick right before the shoot. I was asked on Wednesday to fill in on Thursday lol Now, I wasn’t too worried about this, because it was just too similar to working on a rig again. Having been stationed at an executive airline at SFO when I was an EMT, the north bay to SFO drive is one I can almost literally do in my sleep. It’s more like do comatose with your eyes open cracked out on coffee and monster energy drinks….. Β I probably should’ve had a heart attack with how much caffeine I consumed as an EMT lol

It was pretty funny because some of the models recognized me, and while I’m driving them to the hotel and talking to them, they’d ask me if I’m a model. At this point in the conversation I usually haven’t told them that I’m a model, or even mentioned that I’m filling in. So it was a little surprising for them to notice that lol

I am Number Four…. YAY! You can count! Preview for this movie, makes the actual movie look like shit! If you’ve seen the preview for I am Number Four, and you’re expecting a cool, super power, awesome action, with cool villians and awesome hero’s whooping ass, expect another Twilight.

Team Jacob bitches! Β But no really, I mean look at the guy! This movie is literally like Twilight…. a drawn out “love story” between two HS kids, turns out when “his kind” fall in love with someone, it’s forever….. Really? Congratulations girl, you now have a stalker for life πŸ˜€

I mean come on, look at them! They’re just a blond version of Edward and Bella!

She looks like she just got a tree branch in the butt lol

Soooo, yeah, wasn’t too impressed with the movie πŸ™ I hate when that happens, getting fooled by the preview.

If you just like watching movies, and taking your brain out to watch them, then go see it. It has some fun humor, and Timothy Olyphant and Quinn from Glee(the two of them in it made up for it in my opinion). I just couldn’t help but miss the hat on Timothy from the series Justified πŸ˜€

I also saw a movie that lives up to the Β hype surrounding it! Old School! I actually just watched it for the first time last night πŸ˜€

“Frank The Tank! Frank The Tank!” Finally had an opportunity to see this movie, and I definitely think it’s one I just might need to add to my collection πŸ˜€ I have over a 100 DVD’s in my collection, and I’ve probably seen well over a 1,000 movies lol

Anyways, no need in me reviewing a movie you’ve probably seen or, possibly never had any interest in seeing. I definitely think Will Ferrell either makes this movie a must see for some and a “GOD NO!” never see for others, and I get that. Sometimes he’s a little over the top lol But, I definitely have to say I enjoyed him in this one πŸ˜€ Not an Anchorman performance though πŸ™

Wellllll, I hope you all enjoy this blog post about me imagining myself being The Transporter, an old horrible classic movie I like, a new movie I saw, and a new old movie for me πŸ˜€

Come back next week for an update on one of my new scenes! ;D

Catch you all later!


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