If you thought I have a big dick….

Then you have GOT to check out my scene partner in the update on my site (www.samuelotoole.com) Parker Perry! This guys dick is HUGE! and he’s also a very sweet guy ;D Super polite, and nice manners, which always makes for a smooth scene and a good connection. But I mean really, check out this guys dick…

Right?! That’s what I said! DAAAMMMNNNN!!!!!!! I was surprised to find out he was my scene partner when I saw his dick, I was wondering who we were double teaming lol I think it’s safe to say that that’s not a dick for bottoming!

If you’re interested in the actual story line of the scene ;D and not the gynormous(totally not a real word) cocks and hard pounding, it goes something like….

Oooooo! Look at Samuel O’Toole staring off into the sunset once again…. yeah, I notice it too.

But who’s this?!

AAARRRRGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Splashed with a bucket of water in a practical joke! *Valley Girl Voice* OH MY GAAAWWWWWDDD!!! I can’t believe you totally just got me all wet! Uggghhh!

But no really, this was actually a fun scene to shoot lol lots of actual splashing with water, wetting me down, drying my clothes, wetting me down, drying my clothes, huddling naked with a towel next to the heater….  lol It was good times 😀

See 😀 Good Times!

If you haven’t had the chance yet, check out the behind the scenes videos of the shoots on set and off set at www.nextdoorstudios.com

Sooo, yeah, he splashes me with water as a practical joke 😀 and then just like you do in the real world, you have sex to make up for it!

Oh yeah, fingering that hole before I plow my dick in it ;D God he was fun to fuck! Oh wait, totally going to hell for that statement lol and extra time for actually putting God in it as well. *For those of you that are religous/have faith, that is not meant as a hurtful joke to you, but to those that try and tell you what YOUR relationship with YOUR God needs to be. If God is so loving and caring as everyone says he is, then he’ll love me and care about me as a cocksucker as well. But anyways, an EXTREMELY controversial topic, and definitely for another time. I am neither for or against religion or God, I am for people making their own choices and possessing their own beliefs, true religious FREEDOM.*

Man, I’m gonna need to start putting disclaimers in at the beginning of my blog posts lol

Back to the fun stuff! 😀

Fuck Yeah! Splash me with water again! Go ahead, I dare you! Oh wait, that was the whole point of splashing me with water, to get me to naked and to make it up to me by letting me play with you ;D

Now, I would like to apologize for always looking down in my videos…. well, I don’t know if it’s always, but I’m sure it seems like it. I can’t help it though! I’m a dirty perv ;D I like to watch. I hate fucking in the dark, I like to watch my cock sliding in and out, the skin stretched tight around it, watching it do that little roll out and then watching it go back in as I thrust my cock balls deep…. HARD ON! 😀

Ever watch Tosh.O? Know how when he references the style of clothing he’s wearing for a season, and he says it in that awesome high-ish pitched excited voice, that’s what the “HARD ON!” sounded like in my head lol

Shitty YouTube video, but hey, not everyone on YouTube is a genius videographer/editor…. sadly enough.

Speaking of YouTube! Oh wait…. I should probably finish the “serious” portion of this post 😀

Ok, now that we’re done lol I’ve been thinking about trying to do a video blog, but I’ve really gotta need to spend some time figuring out the video programs I have. Plus just getting comfortable with this whole blog thing….. yeah, still not quite that comfortable with it yet, especially when I have people taking the shit, yes I said shit, that I say waaaayyyyy too fucking serious.

Once again I will say, I will be the first to admit that I’m NOT an expert on ANYTHING!!! Do not use me and the bullshit I say, and my own horrid opinions as fact, truth, or as a cited reference. You will get a failing grade on that paper, and people will think you’re an idiot for taking a porn star serious…..  No really, it’s true. Sooooo, don’t bother posting a bashing comment because I’ll just copy and paste this into the end of your comment, and I’m kinda lazy so I don’t want to really have to do that much work when approving a comment like that…. Anyways 😀 On to happier things!

Somehow made it into a Tim & Roma interview at the CyberSocket Web Awards! Didn’t want to lose my camera in a sea of bodies and alcohol, so I personally don’t have any photos of the actual awards, but I did get some photos of Marcus Mojo and Tyler Torro while we were at the airport 😀  and once again, I’m lazy, so they’re still on the camera.

Well, pretty sure I just shot myself in the foot a couple of times with this post, may have lost a few fans with the whole God mini rant, and let me say once again, it wasn’t about God, I’m fine with him, it was about Man stepping out of his place and spouting his own words as God’s. Whoa, once again, a little too much. Have had some wonderful drunken conversations about this topic ;D

and may have lost some fans about my shit talking to the haters. I’m feeling a little inspired by Mr. Diesel,  btw, super cool guy and very nice 😀 There are on camera personalities, and then there are the people behind the name.

I kept my personality, I just changed the name ;D

Once again, I hope you all enjoy the naked photos and reading about the random BS that runs through my head, as much as I enjoyed putting all this together for you guys! I love you all, accept you for who you are, and I hope you guys have an AWESOME week! 😀


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8 Responses to If you thought I have a big dick….

  1. John says:

    I love this post as I love all of them. You definitely are able to put a smile on my face! Keep being you and we’ll keep loving you!

  2. Khristopher says:

    Parker’s cock is totally for bottoming. I would love to take you both on!

  3. Isabella says:

    Hey Sammy,

    I just wanted to say that i LOVE your blog posts. Random, off the wall, train of thought… that’s what a blog should be. And they’re your thoughts so don’t apologise for them. If other people don’t like what you have to say then they don’t have to read them!!

    As far as the “God” comments go, there are just some times when no other words can substitute – and if he is out there, then i think God would take that as a compliment. For example when you wrote “I like to watch. I hate fucking in the dark, I like to watch my cock sliding in and out, the skin stretched tight around it, watching it do that little roll out and then watching it go back in as I thrust my cock balls deep….” my first response was “Jesus fucking Christ, you’re killing me Sammy……” and i meant that with the greatest of respect!!!

    Keep doing exactly what you’re doing (oh, and anytime you feel like filming some more scorching hot str8 scenes, that would be F-A-B)

    Issy xx

  4. David G says:

    Gotta love you and your posts LOL
    Much love from Mexico.

  5. chris says:

    first i love your website. I also think people are way to sensitive about what other people say. I know that what you say is just what you feel, it shouldn’t bother people, but it does. I think your cute, I like your abs their prefect. write back soon.

  6. Scott says:

    What’s up Sam, loved your last scene. I enjoyed tonight’s live show even with the tech problems. You have a great site. Hope you are having a great week, and hope you have a great weekend. Keep up all the great work. See you next week, hopefully tech problems will be fixed.

  7. Isabella says:

    Hey Sammy,

    This isn’t really a comment for your blog so you don’t need to post it, just something i noticed. Now I don’t mean to be a pedant, but i’m one of those people who just picks up things like typos (which prob means that i AM a pedant!). Anyhow, i noticed that when you click on the Live Shows link from your home page, that on the banner that comes up on the Live Shows page which says something like “Watch Samuel’s next live show,” the web guys have spelt O’Toole without the “e” on the end. Hardly earth shattering stuff i know, but they might want to fix it up. You can’t misspell your name on your own website, lol. Now, why i’m paying attention to typos and not just your hot bod i’ll never know!!!

    Issy xx

  8. Tee Gh says:

    Greetings from Beirut Lebanon !:)
    i loved reading your thoughts man! you are quite an interesting man to get to know 🙂
    thanks for letting us see inside you 🙂
    I hope we an be in touch ..

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