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Shipping Out

Whether it’s by ship, plane, train, or automobile, shipping out is the term generally used in reference to the military when they send you somewhere. Or at least that’s what I say and I’ve heard a lot of other people … Continue reading

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The Transporter, I am Number Four, and Old School.

What, the fuck? I know, that’s probably what you’re saying about the title. Well, in the past week I was The Transporter, I saw the new movie I am Number Four, I saw the old-ish movie Old School for the … Continue reading

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If you thought I have a big dick….

Then you have GOT to check out my scene partner in the update on my site ( Parker Perry! This guys dick is HUGE! and he’s also a very sweet guy ;D Super polite, and nice manners, which always makes … Continue reading

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Cybersocket’s Tomorrow!!!

Tomorrow I leave for LA for 24 hrs.(wish it was longer) for the 11th annual CyberSocketWebAwards! The CyberSocket awards are for honoring the best GLBT actors and sites in the porn industry. Categories range from individual awards “Best Porn Star” … Continue reading

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