I Survived…

just barely, but I survived Vegas 😀 I somehow survived 5 days and 4 nights in Vegas. I thought I knew what I was in for when I heard that we would be going to the AVNs(Like the GayVNs) in Vegas, but I really had no idea lol


Not the best shot of it, but I got it 😀

The first night we’re there I ended up wandering around the shopping center in The Venetian, drunk and in awe lol I was blown away at the amount of detail that went into the decor. I felt like I was in an adult Disneyland! You could drink alcohol where ever you wanted, there were people smoking cigarettes everywhere indoors. Oh, yeah, we were in secondhand smoke 99.9% of the time. That part got a little rough mixed with the dry air 🙁 Which I think contributed to all of us getting sick as dogs right at the end of the trip lol

But anyways, so after my first drunken night there we headed to the AEE(Adult Entertainment Expo) to do a bit of recruiting 😀 I walked that expo floor for four days straight. I saw the same people over and over, it got a little difficult to remember who I gave cards to. I didn’t feel too bad, because even the vendors kept handing me the same stuff over and over, even though they had already handed me the flyer like 20 times the day before!

But the expo was still pretty cool, it wasn’t quite as crazy as Folsom, but I definitely got the chance to see some….. not average, fetishes. The first, and most annoying, fetish was the balloon fetish. Yes, the balloon fetish. There was a booth where all they did was have girls blow up balloons till they pop. Which really just confused the shit out of me. It was kind of funny at the beginning of the trip because when the balloons would pop I’d yelp and say “Aw shit, just nutted in my pants!” and get some of the weirdest looks from people lol

The next fetish, was a corpse fetish. Or, I’m assuming it’s some kind of sexual death fetish because I watched two girls making out get zipped up in a body bag together. Yes, a REAL body bag. The booth had all kinds of ghoul shit, and fucked up porn. It kinda creeped me out a bit. I could definitely get zipped up in a body bag making out with someone, but I’m not sure if it would turn me on. Well, I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t. But never say never until you try it ;D

After the expo we would of course grub hard, and then get ready for the night 😀 But, we also had the opportunity to take in two of Vegas’ best shows! Le Reve, which was amazing! It had me on the edge of my seat and into it the whole time! Awesome, beautiful, creative, all sorts of fun! 😀

Le Reve finale

and we also had the opportunity to see The Lion King 😀 I definitely enjoyed them both, but Le Reve was my favorite. It’s a new story to me, it was upbeat and fun. The Lion King, I grew up on the movie, I know the story by heart lol But, it was still a great performance. Long, like everybody we told that we were going to see it told us, wait, yes that’s right lol brain fart grammar right there.

Anyways, yes, long Lion King, yet still an excellent performance. Oh! Guess who I got to see while I was in Vegas?! My buddy Mr. Steven Daigle 😀

I finally got to meet Chi Chi! That was definitely one of the highlights of my trip 😀 I got to meet a lot of really nice people in the industry at the clubs that we went to. The first one we went to was called Krave. www.kravelasvegas.com Which was a pretty chill club, it definitely got crazier the next night we went 😀 If everyone else wants to tell you what happened those nights, I’m sure it’ll be on their blogs ;D The important stuff that happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas….. or does it?

I’m not too sure how to sum up this blog post lol I feel like I still have more to tell or at least show, but I took my first Vegas experience to the max. So there are very few photos, I was too busy having fun to be flashing away lol Next time I have the opportunity though, I’ll try my best to document it even more…. I’ll try ;D

Well, I hope you all enjoyed this blog post about my adventures in fabulous Las Vegas! I’ll have another post for you guys soon ;D Gotta give you guys the REAL behind the scenes low down on my scene with the very sexy and studly Gavin Waters. Until tomorrow ;D


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