Viva Las Vegas!!!

T-Minus 1 hour! and then I’m in Vegas! You guys have heard/read me blabbering on and on about Vegas, and I’m sure you’re sick of it now ;D But don’t worry, it’s almost over lol So this is my first time going to Vegas when I can actually do something there! I’ve driven through it before as a kid going on those “awesome” road trips with the family, but never quite experienced it. But now here I am about to hop on a plane and head out there for the AVNs!

I’ve been calling the AVNs the AEE, because technically they’re different but the same… huh?  Well, the AVNs are just like the GayVNs. Except, well,  not for gay porn, it’s for straight porn 😀 But unlike the GayVNs, the AVNs are accompanied with the Adult Entertainment Exposition(AEE). People tend to know more of the AVNs than the AEE because the AVNs are heralded as “The Oscars of Porn”. Uhhhh, sure, I guess. I’m not getting THAT dressed up for them lol

So what’s the plan for Vegas? Not that much different from everyone else’s when they go ;D Get fucked up, fuck, and have fun! Bringing my flip cam with me, so there’s going to be all sorts of horrible videos ;D and in the words of @the_real_tball “Hurrah for Las Vegas blogs. “What happens in Vegas goes on the blog.” ;o)” So you all will definitely get a nice play by play, but in respect for other individuals I’ll have to leave out some details lol

Just started thinking about all the stuff I want to do, and what might happen, and completely forgot I was writing a blog post lol Ohhhhh, Shiny! 😀 So yeah, strip clubs? Haven’t been to one yet, and with porn stars being all around me and going to a porn convention I don’t think I’ll really feel the need to go throw some money at a stripper. No offense meant by that, I mean shit, I do porn lol Gambling? Eh, I’ll try it 😀 But I’ve never really been into betting or card games all that much, sooooo, I’ll be more likely to waste some money on that than at a strip club. I guess both of those have potential to leave you stranded with no money, blue balls, and a broken heart ;D

Going to be headed out there with my boss man from NextDoor Studios and my buddy Tyler Torro, and a good friend of ours who shall not be named…. He’s a very camera shy guy lol

Sooo, if you do a search on twitter for AVN in tweets, you get the occasional porn star, people referencing the CES(let me look that one up real quick), and a bunch of people with HORRIBLE english language skills using avn as having. Ahhhh, the wonders of our public education system…. that’s a blog entry for another time…. when I’m raging pissed off and hating the world and DGAF and feel like metaphorically reaming the world. I know, a little much lol

Anyways, the CES(Consumer Electronics Show), is show where all the gargantuan electronic corporations come to Vegas to be around beautiful people…. well, they say they have the show to exhibit new products, network, and present technological advances, but all us horny sons of bitches know why they’re really there at this time ;D Because the porn industry used to be the only industry that had money to shit away on cool techno gadgets…. Ahhhh, how the times have changed. Now like most other businesses, the porn industry must fiscally sound, but anyways, I’m rambling my ass off now….

So, I hope you all enjoy the next 5 days and 4 nights, I know I will ;D

Later everybody!


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